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I was Fixed.

Our Space on Worth Avenue!

Clare Luxury....our newest fall handbag arrival.

Two major things happened this weekend.

First, I was fixed.
I have had it with men.
Who needs them when you've got cute accessories anyways?

Second thing.
The big surprise it out!
ViVi G. SHOES is opening on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL.
We are having a big grand opening soiree in November.
That reminds me, what should I wear?
We JUST got the most amazing handbags in...Clare Luxury.
They remind me of Bottega Veneta, but the price tag? MUCH lower.
I'm talking, the most expensive style is $448.

Well girls, I am laying in the shelf in Wayne (see "About me.")
Just by looking at all the new shipments that just arrived, it seems as though fall is just around the corner.

Mmm I can smell the leather of the Frye Boots now!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Ruby Star xoxo

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